InSIGHT into Eyewear

Check out this Youtube video ! It puts a lot of things in perspective regarding eyewear. Stop in and "see" the choices you won't find at every other chain store with none of the pressure.

Eyewear Shopper Video

New Releases: Fill the room with Color !

Just a few of the Eclectic new styles from Oxydo. You will certainly get noticed in these sunglasses!
New styles just in within the last week are Gx and L.A.M.B., TC Charton, Nuage, Persol and OVVO. Stop in to see some of the hottest quality styles in eyewear and sunwear.

3New Styles fromWOOW

2 new styles from T.C. Charton

 3 New styles from L.A.M.B. & Gx


How flexible are you?

Even some of the most advanced yoga positions can't compare to these new folding sunglasses. These new Persol and RayBan styles look like any ordinary sunglass but in a matter of seconds they fold up and can be inserted into a compact case. There is also a RayBan Aviator style (not pictured). Whether it be the vintage Clubmaster style, iconic McQueen Persol or the new round RayBan, we have the model for you.


Last Trunk Show of the Year!!

Come on by the see the latest and greatest from the masterminds at RayBan! 
20% off all orders placed during the show!
Don't forget, non-prescription sunwear still counts towards your Flexible Spending.
Stop by and see all the new styles that were introduced during the Las Vegas Show!
If you've ever wanted an iconic piece of Americana, this is it!


The evolution of eyewear is here

With the Maui Jim trunk show being done as Ernie Banks said "Let's play Two" Coming up we will have the next Trunk Show on October 8th featuring the incredibly lightweight and durable line of eyewear from OVVO Optics. They have both sun wear and eyewear. The hours will be from 5-7:30 PM (later depending on people). There will be a 20% discount issued to any orders placed during the show. Also there will be food and beverages from Winnetka's own Avli Restaurant. There will also be a raffle for a free OVVO eyeglass or sunglass. Here is a peek at the extensive production process of the eyeglasses. I can personally attest that these are one of the more amazing eyeglasses made as three pair have been driven over by a car and were still able to be straightened (fortunately nobody was wearing them at the time). If there are any questions please let us know and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Stay tuned for the next show information.............

Maui Jim End of Summer Show

As you all can tell, summer 2015 is all but over.  Come join us to see it off with a company dedicated to keeping that summer feel alive; Maui Jim.  On Saturday, September 26, Doyle Opticians and Maui Jim will be saying goodbye to summer with a trunk show featuring Maui Jim's full line of sunglasses.

Saturday, September 26  10:00am - 2:00pm

20% off all Maui Jim items

Everyone gets entered in a raffle for a chance to win a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses

Coffee and snacks

The best thing about the 80's...

Say what you will about the 80's, but there's no denying the decade's influence on current style.  High waisted pants? Check.  Leggings?  Look around you.  Neon colored everything?  Oh yeah!

Enter KAOS Eyewear.  Fresh from the super hip Area98 labs, this new line hits you with a truck full of color and youthful style.  We just unpacked the first batch, so grab an eyeful below and stop in to see the rest of the line. 

For a little more info, or just to kill some time, check out this promo video from Area98

KAOS-DEF-2014 from Aera on Vimeo.

What are you made of?

If you're anything like the new frames from OVVO, you're made out of exotic wood and carbon fiber, with a healthy dose of titanium thrown in for good measure.  For those looking for something more than just a little different, these are definitely worth a look.

Style 3049
Zebra Wood

Style 3009
Redheart Wood

Style 3048
Macassar Wood


It's all about materials

What happens when you take three of my favorite materials; carbon fiber, wood, and titanium, and mash them together?  Beautiful things, that's what.  There's an awesome new line of frames coming from OVVO, and we'd like you to check them out in style.  Check out the flyer below for details!


Look Sharp

Oakley is reaching way back to their roots with a very limited run they've dubbed the Heritage Collection.  Essentially it's a rerelease of three of their original models to commemorate Oakley's 30th birthday.  Unlike other Oakley limited editions, these were only distributed to 250 stores across the country, and we are lucky to be among those chosen.  

Check out the Razorblade in it's three awesome iterations!